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CHDK User Guide 04.2009
[ · Скачать удаленно (3 Mb) · Скриншот ] 28.04.09, 21:27
Текст файла ReadMe

ReadMe for CHDK Quick Start User Guide April 2009

Welcome to the updated User Guide, it is intended that
this update will provide a convenient way of accessing the
controls of CHDK.

This update has been written to provide an online, and print
method of viewing.
It is provided in PDF form, to either print as a book or
booklet, using A4 paper size.

Please remember, It is a "User Guide", not a
"Complete Works on CHDK".

Page numbers vary by 2, if computer read document is 10,
book page number is 8, this is because front cover and inside
front cover are not numbered in the book form. (Remember when
using contents and index on computer).

Contents page listings are bookmarked, click to go to item.

Errors, omissions, bad image displays can be noted at the
CHDK forum:
and if possible, efforts will be made to correct.

The "Find" tool, Ctrl F for Windows, Comd F for Macintosh is
a very helpful tool to use.
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nurkhats   (29.11.12 01:09)   Комментарий # 2
Здраствуйте. Выдает ошибку. Где еще можно найти guide?

Mika   (29.11.12 16:01)   Комментарий # 3
Нечто есть здесь http://chdk.wikia.com/wiki/CHDK/End-Users-Guide-AllBest50
Ну и тут еще http://chdk.clan.su/blog

walk56   (29.04.09 00:47)   Комментарий # 1
Очень нужный долгожданный справочник и готовый буклет!!!

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